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A film poruduction company with a different vision.

The Video Production Process

– Part One –


It’s hard to step out of your front door without running into a video producer these days. Some are just getting started, some have years under their belts, but every one of them will tell you that they have a secret sauce in their production process that sets them apart from the rest.

The Secret Sauce
All sauces are secret, but some are more secret than others.


In this regard, Other Vision Studios is no different. Over the years we’ve worked with a large variety of clients.  From our years of experience, we’ve developed a production process that helps us achieve great results even on the most difficult projects. One of the things we focus on is tailoring the production process to the needs of the client, after all, the videos we producer are for them, not us.  Since every client is unique, that means our production process has to be flexible in order to account for the various needs and challenges that arise.

In order to best serve our clients, over the next few weeks I’m going to release a series of blogs that outlines how a typical production with Other Vision works. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your production will run exactly like the one I’ve outlined, but this is the way a typical production would run, and it’s the way yours could run.  If you’ve been considering making a video and wonder what the process looks like, read the rest of the blog posts in this series to find out.

Other Vision Studios is a film and video production company working out of Greenville, South Carolina and serving businesses across the South East region by partnering with them to tell compelling stories through video. If you would like to find out how Other Visions Studios can help you produce great video content, visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help.




If you would like to collaborate with us on a Film, or if you would like any information on films we are currently working on, reach out! I am always happy to talk about films future, films past, and films in development.