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Post Production

– Part Six-

Post Production

Post-production is very much like assembling a puzzle. Except there’s no box top picture to follow, and there’s no set way the pieces have to fit together.

This is what being an editor feels like.
This is what being an editor feels like.

Depending on your production, there’s a number of ways we can approach post-production. We’ll discuss what you want in development, and we’ll probably have another conversation before we start just to make sure we address any necessary changes based on anything that may have happened during the production process. The rest of this post addresses some common things we do during post-production.

Log and Capture – When we back up your footage the day of the shoot we start this step. We refer to our notes, add information to each shot called metadata and organize the clips into folders and timelines that will make it more manageable.

Assembly Edit – We take the clips, decide what parts we would like to use and put them in an order that makes sense and tells your story accurately. Depending on what’s been discussed and agreed upon we may render this out as a rough cut and send it to you for review before moving on.

Special Effects and Compositing – If your shoot involves green screen we’ll key that out and replace it with the appropriate background at this point. If there’s any special effects that need to be added we’ll do that at this point too This includes things like 3D animation, replacing objects in the shot, removing wires, adding spaceships and explosions as needed and other more practical things as well.


Graphics – The lower thirds that show up whenever an interview subject talks, the call to action at the end, your logo, any full screen text or images, and things like those will be added at this point. When all of this has been added we’ll send it to you to make sure we’ve captured your brand in our graphics and that you approve of any animations we’ve created.

Lower Third

Color Grading – The process that separates great videos from average videos. We make sure your video looks amazing during this process. We control the color pallet to create a look that supports your brand and your message and is as much a part of your story as the content of the script.

Sound – We add music, we balance the audio, and we create sound effects and make sure that the audio part of your video is as rich and spectacular as the visual part.

Color Grade Sample

Finalizing – We take another look at the final video, make any tweaks and catch any errors before sending it to you for a review.

Review – The video we send you will be good to go if you approve it. However if you find an error, or there’s something you don’t like in it we’ll revise that for you. We generally allow one round of revisions for any video we produce, and if you choose to take additional rounds those are generally billed at an hourly rate. If there’s a variation to that policy, it will be discussed during the development process.

Final Delivery – We send you the final video, generally via dropbox and then the final invoice. Once that’s paid all the rights to the video are entirely yours, we just request the right to use the video to promote our work and to enter in competitions, otherwise you may do with the video as you please.

And that’s post-production. Effectively after this process generally our involvement in your video is done. However, there are occasions when we may be involved in managing the distribution of your video. We’ll discuss options for getting your video to its target audience, and what our involvement in that might be in the final post.

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