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– Part Four-


In the last article we discussed in detail the development process, how we arrive at budgets, and some variables that may or may not be needed for your video. In this article we’ll talk about a part of the process that really happens mostly behind the scenes as we get ready to actually shoot your video.

First we need to re-address something that’s already been addressed in the development process, scripting and storyboarding. In some cases it makes more sense to write the script after we’ve got a signed contract for the entire production. In these cases we generally know the set, the props, the number of actors and the action. Basically the only thing we’re writing are the words the talent (the person on screen or a narrator) will speak.

Next we’ll go about finding your talent. Assuming you don’t want to be the face on your video we’ll need to hire an actor. Other Vision has a long contact lists of actors we have worked with before and are content to work with again, but generally speaking we’ll look to work with a talent agency to make sure you’re getting the best available option for your video.

Some actors have great stage presence... but try getting them to say a line and it all falls apart.
Some actors have great stage presence… but try getting them to say a line and it all falls apart.

At the same time we’ll also be contacting crew to make sure that we’re getting the best people for your production. We have a wide contact list of capable people, and we’ll be contacting the ones who’s specific skill set best lines up with your production’s needs.

If we need to make a set we’ll be working with designers to create something visually striking that best represents your brand. If we need to supply props, we’ll be procuring them, and if costumes are required we’ll be coordinating with our actors to make sure our costumes fit and complement their look.

Every creative decision that we make will be one that you will have the opportunity to approve. If you want to maintain tight control over the production process we will supply you with options and let you make the final decision. If you want us to take care of it, we’ll make all our decisions based on our understanding of your brand, your message, and the target audience of your video.

Finally, a few days before we move into production, we’ll be gathering and testing the gear, planning the shoot to make it as efficient as possible relaying any special instructions to cast and crew, making sure the caterer (if we have a meal on set) is good to go, and that any gear we need to rent or buy is in our hands, tested and ready to go.

Do we really test ALL of it? Well, we sometimes skip the sandbags.
Do we really test ALL of it? Well, we sometimes skip the sandbags.

And that’s basically all there is to preproduction. The entire process can be very short, down to a day or two in some cases, or it can be very long. It all just depends on the needs of your video. If we are engaging in a long process we’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way, even if you’ve chosen to let us make all the decisions, just so that you’re in the loop and so that you know where we stand as we gear up for production.

After all this we’re finally ready to move into production, which we’ll discuss more in the next article.

Other Vision Studios is a film and video production company working out of Greenville, South Carolina and serving businesses across the South East region by partnering with them to tell compelling stories through video. If you would like to find out how Other Visions Studios can help you produce great video content, visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help.




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