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– Part Three-


Development starts like speed dating and ends like a marriage ceremony. From the moment you say something along the lines of “I think I’d like a video,” we start research. Typically we like to schedule a meeting so you can tell us about your company, your product, and how you’d like us to present it in a video. We discuss your options, your target audience, the different ways we can approach the production, potential timelines to make sure we’re hitting any deadlines you might have, and stylistic choices that will help make the final video uniquely yours.

Speed Dating = Dating at high speeds.
Speed Dating = Dating at high speeds.

We value your time, and realize that most people, when they start a video production process want to push a button and be done. So we’ll try to cover as much of that in as few meetings as possible. With clients familiar with the video production process, we have started production after a phone call and a meeting. With clients new to video production we usually take the first meeting to lay out their options, then schedule a follow-up meeting to nail down what we’re actually going to produce.

At this point we’re moving toward signing a contract and we’re going to need to look at how much you want to spend. Since this is a vague overview of the process I won’t go into too much detail at this point, but I will say this. Your price is not primarily based on how long the video will be. A lot of times people ask how much a 30 second or a 60 second video will cost. That’s a really hard question to answer, because the total length of the final video is not a major factor in your cost. It’s really based on how much we put into those 60 seconds. 

For example, take one 60 second video shot in your office in one day that’s basically one person talking along with some shots of the office edited in (we call that B-roll). We execute it all with a 2 man crew in 1 day of shooting and we budget about 10 hours of editing. Now there’s plenty of variables that might adjust the price, actor fees, set pieces etc, but in this example let’s just say that’s not applicable. It would be reasonable to assume that you could have this video produced for somewhere between $1700-2500.

Let’s take the same basic video production, but instead of 1 day of shooting in one location we’ve got two locations and need 2 days. Maybe you have two offices in two states and want footage from each. Maybe there’s no way to get everything we need in one day for your video, because of the volume of interviews/and the size of your facility. For whatever reason the production lasts 2 days instead of one. In this case your production costs will be pretty close to doubled. In terms of post-production the costs don’t change too much, we would probably estimate 12 hours instead of 10 for the increase in the amount of footage we have to work with. In this case your video will likely cost between $2200-3200.

So as you can see asking how much a 60 second video will cost is a bit of a loaded question, as we really need more information to answer that.

One final consideration. Scripting and storyboards. On occasion we may want to write a script and do a storyboard before we decide on a final price. This is perfectly reasonable, and generally necessary for any sort of dramatic video (as opposed to an interview). Assuming you want to engage our services for scripting and storyboarding we would estimate a cost just for that aspect of the production and wait until we have an approved script before discussing the final budget and signing a contract for the production. That way we know for certain we’re creating a budget for the video we’re actually producing.

Typical scripting and storyboarding process.
Typical scripting and storyboarding process.

When you sign the contract, development ends and pre-production begins, which we’ll discuss in the next article.

I know this has been a lot of information with a lot of variables, but the process can be very quick and reasonably painless. For both parties is best to be entirely honest and detailed during this phase as it will ensure you production runs smoothly and the final video is exactly what you want.

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