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Producing B-Roll Video of Greenville

Being a video producer in Greenville, SC means that every once in a while when shooting commercials or promotional video we have to venture out into the city and shoot B-roll of beautiful downtown Greenville, SC. (#yeahTHATGreenville)

So when Realtor.com asked us to include shots of downtown Greenville for a series of videos we were creating for them we broke out our 4K, UHD Black Magic Production Camera and went to town grabbing RAW time-lapse shots of the city.

Here are some of the shots we came up with:

Broll video from Greenville, SC

Broll video from Greenville, SC

Broll video from Greenville, SC

So here’s a video marketing idea. If you’re a local business looking to market your company with video, then you already know how much pride Greenville residence take in their downtown. You know that incorporating the Greenville branding (that awesome waterfall and the bridge in Falls Park) into your video will associate your business with a thriving community. So next time you want to produce a video, ask your videographer to grab some gorgeous footage of downtown to add production quality, and make your video ads speak to a local audience.

B-roll is just one of the video production services we offer for companies looking to produce corporate videos in South Carolina, and indie films needing shots of Greenville in their independent productions.




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