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Junior Achievment Overview Video

Other Vision Studios partnered with Bright Co. to produce a series of intervews for Junior Achievement of Greenville, SC’s Annual Fundraising Breakfast. When we first met about the project, the major challenge was capturing the story of Junior Achievment in bite size packages that could play during the meeting while also serving as stand alone videos for distribution over the web. After discussing the meeting, the style, the theme, we decided the best way to meet their needs would be to create 3 interview videos with people who had been impacted by Junior Achievment, and play them inbetween speakers during the meeting. The result was 3 high value promotional videos that helped with the pace of the event and provided variety for the audience.

Junior Achievment Parent Interview

We interviewed Becca Howard, to get her thoughts on what Junior Achievment did for her daughter.

Junior Achievment Parent Interview

We interviewed Frank Starosto, to get his views on what Junior Achievment can do from the perspective of both a board member and someone who went throught the program.

And then we shot the event and delivered a high quality edited video capturing every speach in its entirety. After it’s all said and done Junior Achievment loved what we gave them, and we feel proud to say that we were able to contribute to the success of the event.

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