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Crosspromotion Campaign

Greenville SEO first approached Other Vision Studios about doing a video for their brand and unique approach to SEO in 2016. At that time we were looking at a features and benefits model for their video. Luckily for them they needed to delay the project. In 2017, when we came back with nearly a years worth of extra experience under our belt and a new approach to video production in development, the entire project had changed fundamentally. Now we were wanting more of a testimonial approach, but wanted to make it more interesting than just a client talking to the camera. So we drafted a script, lit it like an epic film, and ran it through our own subtle brand of humor and came up with this video. Beyond that we partnered with 20/20 Auto Glass to do a crosspromotion campaign and produced a second ad for them while we were on location. (See Below)


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