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Twelfth Night – Trailer

Late last year Other Vision and Artios Academies entered an agreement to produce a feature film starring and crewed by students from the school. Starting in January we began a long production process that has lead us this far.

Twelfth Night Trailer

The world premiere will be held on May 28th at Regal Cherydale Cinemas in Greenville, SC. To get your tickets visit  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/twelfth-night-movie-premier-tickets-16625106140

Artios Academis and Other Vision Studios present
“12th Night” an adaptation of the William Shakespeare play directed by Micah Thompson starring Allison Aho, Hope Matherly, Nick Yasi, Johnathan Schofield, and Jordan Tesch.

Executive Producer: Melody Yasi

Music by Fred Barrett and Garrison Christian

Director of Photography: Collins Abbott White

Edited by: Collins Abbott White




If you would like to collaborate with us on a Film, or if you would like any information on films we are currently working on, reach out! I am always happy to talk about films future, films past, and films in development.