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A Quiet Dinner

In the season finale of I Married an Alien, Doug and Skylar just want to have a quiet dinner, but thanks to Doug’s annoyingly brilliant neighbor, that’s not going to be possible.

A Quiet Dinner

It’s been a blast bringing you season one of I Married an Alien. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching Skylar, Doug and Lexie and everyone else.

Unfortunately at this time there are no plans in place to continue the series and therefore it is suspended indefinitely.

That said, Other Vision will continue to provide new content to you on a weekly basis. We’ll be releasing a Valentine’s day special, which I’m sure you’ll love, and then in March we plan to launch a new series of videos to tie in with our feature film that’s currently in pre-production. You won’t want to miss those!




If you would like to collaborate with us on a Film, or if you would like any information on films we are currently working on, reach out! I am always happy to talk about films future, films past, and films in development.