Commercial Video Production


Other Vision Studios serves offers Commercial Video Production for businesses of every size. You want to spread your message through video? We can help. We’ve been creating videos for businesses since 2011, and have worked with everyone from local artists to multinational corporations. We specialize in capturing an idea, crafting a story around it, and capturing it in a compelling way that will make it memorable. We also are here to support our clients by assisting with their internal communications, corporate training, event videos, etc. Bottom line, you need video and we’re here to provide it. 

Brand Videos

Other Vision has partnered with a number of companies to provide one off brand videos. Whether you’re looking to penetrate a new market, raise awareness about your business, launch a new product, or showcase your story, a brand video is a great way to get eyes on your business.

20/20 Auto Glass


My Chart

Star Wars Wall Cling

Generous Garden Project

Providence Care

Homes of Hope

Lindsay Olives

Alchemy Comedy

Greenville SEO

Prowse On Main


Christ Recovery House

Talent Flood


Augusta General

Kairos Development took on an ambitious remodeling project, transforming the old Mrs Firecrackers into Augusta General and asked Other Vision to create a series of videos documenting their efforts. That kicked off a year long project that resulted in HGTV styled remodel video.

Kairos Marketing Video

Hannush Web Testimonial


Over the years, Other Vision Studios has been involved on and off with the MMA scene. We’ve produced a video highlighting UMMAFs efforts at getting Olympic recognition for Amateur MMA. We’ve also worked with Hannah Scoggins to produce a sizzle video. And we shot a promo video at Revolution Martial Arts.


Hannah Scoggins

Bell Ringer Coaching


In 2016 Generations approached Other Vision about creating a one off video for their luncheon. Since then we’ve partnered to create multiple videos for Generations various platforms, and this year we’ve made not only their luncheon video, but also videos for e-mail, videos for their various presentations, and a livestream of their annual luncheon all with the goal of helping them spread their message of “No More Victims.”

Luncheon Video 2018

Marketing Video 2018

Luncheon Video 2017

Highlight Video 2016 held a “Get This Look” sweepstakes, where the winner could have their kitchen remolded by designer, Jennifer Farrell. When an upstate native won, Other Vision Studios was tasked with documenting the journey in three HGTV styled vignettes that showcased the before, the during, and the after of the entire remodel.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Upstate Forever

Other Vision Studios worked with Smoak PR to produce interview videos for each of Upstate Forever’s yearly awards winners to be shown at their awards banquet in both 2017 and 2018. The goal was to highlight the work of each company and show how they worked with Upstate Forever to further environmental concerns around the upstate of South Carolina.


Homes of Hope

Trees Greenville

Dean Hybl

Traveling Trash Bash

Gary Clary

Swamp Rabbit Cafe

Luthor Lyle

Farm To School

Miracle Hill

Miracle Hill wanted to transform their brand image, and launched the Thrift Fashion campaign encouraging people to be creative in finding seasonal fashions at their local thrift store. It started as a simple marketing video and turned into a movement, and we were privileged to produced the videos for the grass roots marketing campaign.

Spring Fashion 2014

Winter Fashion 2015

Winter Fashion 2013

Spring Fashion 2015

Fall Fashion 2014

Summer Fashion 2014

Find Great People

FGP was honoring three of their employees for their excellent work over the years and asked Other Vision Studios to put together a video for each of them of their clients, spouses, and coworkers talking about the impact they’ve had on their lives.





Ahead of Endeavor’s 2nd Birthday, Other Vision Studios produced a series of videos highlighting how Endeavor brings people together with interviews from members.

What Is Endeavor

Collaborators and Cocktails

Day Membership

Three For All

Gym Membership

Doug Erwin

Meredith Rigdon

Rob Herold

Lindsay Odom

Roman Nieves-Lugo

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