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Other Vision's video production pricing is based on the clients needs first and foremost. In Studio One, we price our video productions by the hour of shooting, meaning you don't have to worry about the post production time when doing your budget.

For all video productions on location in and around Greenville, SC, we price per-project which means we price the production to fit your needs, not some pre-determined video production  package.

Original Films

Other Vision Studios firmly believes that film and video production is the best medium with which to tell stories. We also believe that Greenville, SC is a great city to produce films in. Check out all the original dramatic films Other Vision has produced or is currently developing as we seek to cut out our own niche in the motion picture industry.

Studio One

When Other Vision looked to build its first studio in Greenville, SC we did so with the client's video production needs firmly in mind. We wanted a place where clients could come, produce a wide range of video content - from blogs to customer testimonials to greenscreen work and beyond - and know that the price would be carfully managed while maintaining quality. We believe we achieved that with Studio One!

Video Production Lingo

Sometimes we use terms that are common in the video production industry that people without a background in video production might not understand. It's not our intention to confuse, so here's a few video production terms that might come up.

Photo by: Chris Dlugosz